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Moldable, injectable Magnesium-based bone void filler

OsteoCrete has a unique resorption profile that provides stability, increasing cell proliferation and advancing mineralization, resulting in enhanced bone regeneration in a broad range of orthopedic applications.

OsteoCrete bone void filler is made from a pre-measured blend of magnesium, phosphates, and a pre-measured proprietary solution. When mixed and molded/injected according to the instructions for use, OsteoCrete will harden in-situ at the defect site. 


Injectable & Moldable

Optimized consistency for use in multiple orthopedic applications


Temperature Setting Control

Allows for optimal workability and curing time



Product easily identifiable

in situ


Excellent Binding Characteristics

Optimal product stability and fixation at operative site


Fully Synthetic Material

Enhanced quality control and product availablity with reduced patient morbidity


Thixotropic Properties

Easily manageable curing time allowing for intraoperative flexibility and reduction of waste



High Compressive Strength

Surface topography to support bone formation, enhancing structural stability and biocompatibility


Enhanced Bone Regeneration

Greater than 80% bone remodeling in 26 weeks*

* All claims based on critically sized rabbit lateral condyle defect model. It is unknown how results from the rabbit model compare with clinical results in humans.

Full Kit.png

OsteoCrete BVF

Full Kit

44-050-00-BSI OsteoCrete BVF Full Kit 5cc

44-100-00-BSI OsteoCrete BVF Full Kit 10cc

44-150-00-BSI OsteoCrete BVF Full Kit 15cc

Kit Contents: Liquid & Powder Set, Mixing Syringe, Funnel, Basin, Spatula, 11GA Cannula


Bead Mat Pak

RM 44-050 4.8mm Bead Mat

Basic Kit.png

OsteoCrete BVF

Basic Kit

44-050-00-STR OsteoCrete BVF Basic Kit 5cc

44-100-00-STR OsteoCrete BVF Basic Kit 10cc

44-150-00-STR OsteoCrete BVF Basic Kit 15cc

Kit Contents: Liquid & Powder Set, Basin, Spatula

Mechanical Advantge Pack.png


Advantage Pak

RM 44-051  Mechanical Advantage (Spindle Drive & Nut ) and Open Bore Cap

Mix & Deliverno bead mat.png

Mixing & Delivery System


44-000-00-AUX Mixing & Delivery System

Mixing Syringe, Funnel, Open Bore Cap, 11GA Cannula, 2GA Cannula, Mechanical Advantage


Cannula Pak

RM 44-052 11GA Cannula & 2GA Cannula

Mg OSTEOCRETE Mixing Video

Mg OSTEOCRETE Mixing Video

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